Internationally Known Omega 3 + Astaxanthin Supplements, Locally
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Integrity, principles, and standards.

Built on 75 years of history, Icelandic is internationally renowned for it’s Omega-3 + astaxanthin fish oil and smoothie additives.
We do business with integrity and stand by our products; we won’t compromise on quality, and neither should you.

Daily Wellness AX™

Enhanced with a light orange flavor and 1mg of natural astaxanthin, Daily Wellness AX™features a mild finish and aroma, which delivers a clean flavor profile with no reflux or lingering fishy aftertaste. A single spoonful gives you the goodness of a full serving of salmon. Our formula was awarded the iTQi Superior TasteAward, which involved a blind evaluation by 135 master chefs and sommeliers.

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Stamina Smoothie Booster AX™

Part of a healthy fitness routine, Stamina SmoothieBooster AX™ provides a rich source of omega-3s including both EPA and DHA along with 2mg natural astaxanthin to support strong bodies and strong minds. This formula benefits from2mg of added natural astaxanthin, supporting endurance, performance and energy levels as well as preventing exercise-related muscle damage and joint pain.

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Wellness Smoothie Booster AX™

For whole-body nourishment the Wellness Smoothie Booster AX™ presents a total solution for fish oil supplementation including brain, eyes, heart, blood pressure and skin health. Enhanced with 1mg of natural astaxanthin, this formula supports systemic health including cognitive function, immunity and fertility.

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About Our Products

Our commitment to quality means that we only use fish caught in Icelandic waters with sustainable fishing practices to provide you with the very best Omega-3 + natural Astaxanthin supplements, and to do our very best for our planet.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Our bodies rely on antioxidants to relieve oxidative stress and help heal damaged cellular structures.

Benefits include:
Protecting cells from oxidative damage
Boost cardiovascular health and immune function
Supports brain, skin, joint, muscle and eye health

Natural Astaxanthin comes from microscopic plants called microalgae. The Astaxanthin in Wild Icelandic Fish oil comes from the freshwater micro algae Haematococcus Pluvialis, also rich in omega-3, to culture and harvest highly potent natural astaxanthin.

Featured Recipe

What's even better than Icelandic fish oils with natural Icelandic astaxanthin? Adding them to your favorite smoothie! Need inspiration? Check out our current favorite, and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more great recipe ideas!

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